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R. Harry Booth & Kevin Booth
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Greenwich, NY 12834

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Map Six generations of Booths have run a dairy farm along the Hudson on what was originally part of the Schuyler Land Grant. The growth of the dairy business raised concerns for the surroundings, especially the beautiful Hudson River. Kevin Booth began experimenting with composting to better manage the animal waste. Today, after many years of experimentation, education, and determination, Booth's Blend compost, an all natural product, is available to help you create beautiful plantings.

Various amendments (hay, straw, sawdust, or wood chips) are added to the cow manure. The mix is turned and monitored frequently. Composting the manue reduces its mass and creates an ecologically beneficial substance that helps build a foundation for healthy, beautiful plants.

Beans Benefits of Booth's Blend Compost
Adds organic matter
Helps retain moisture
Will not burn plants
Safe to work with
No odor problem
No chemicals
Soil builder
All natural
Adds tilth

Suggested uses
Till into gardens and flower beds
Apply to new lawns before seeding
Mix with topsoil for transplanting
Top dressing for lawns,
shrubs, and plants
Use as mulch


Booth's Blend Compost is sold in bulk. Delivery is available or any size truck or cantainer may be filled at the farm. We welcome visitors at almost any time. Call to make certain that we are here, but we welcome your questions about our product or directions to our farm.

Our logo represents General Fellows who played an important part in the defeat of General Burgoyne at the battle of Saratoga during the Revolutionary War. Our farm looks out over the battlefield on the other side of the Hudson.

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